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The Garage Defender

Whether your garage is attached to your house or is in the local neighbourhood – security is essential. Protecting your car or other contents is just as important as protecting everything else in your home, so your garage door should have at least a basic standard of security. Whilst many modern garages doors (including automated [...]

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Top Tips for Maintaining your Garage Door

At Garage Door Rescue, we receive hundreds of call-outs for garage doors that have been poorly maintained and miss treated. The last thing you need is to pay for a garage door replacement because a few simple maintenance tips have been overlooked. On average, your garage door is used over 100 times per month, and [...]

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Don’t Overlook your Garage Door Security

Look on any Crime Prevention website, and it will identify the garage door as one of the weak points in home security that burglars target as an easier point of entry into a building.    The reason is that our security measures for normal house doors and windows have been beefed-up over the years, with [...]

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Is it Time to Paint the Garage Door?

It’s a chore we all put off, but sooner or later seeing that dull area of discoloured or peeling paint as we drive up to it after a hard day’s work means that we need to put a day aside for the inevitable. Unless, of course, you have an artistic side and a couple of weeks to spare, in which case you might want to consider an alternative, like Ferrari enthusiast Chris Smart from Hampshire.

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