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Year: 2016

Is it Time to Paint the Garage Door?

It’s a chore we all put off, but sooner or later seeing that dull area of discoloured or peeling paint as we drive up to it after a hard day’s work means that we need to put a day aside for the inevitable. Unless, of course, you have an artistic side and a couple of weeks to spare, in which case you might want to consider an alternative, like Ferrari enthusiast Chris Smart from Hampshire.

What to do if your Automated Garage Door won’t Open

You’re late for work, you’ve grabbed your gear in a hurry, and you’re walking towards the garage pressing the button on the remote keyfob to get to your car – but nothing is happening; in fact you’ve probably pressed the button a dozen times by now, and still nothing has happened. What do you do?

What to do when your Manual Garage Door will not Open

The one thing that can be virtually guaranteed in life is that if something is going to go wrong, it will occur at the time you least need it to happen. So when you’re late for that appointment and the garage door refuses to budge with your car inside, what do you do?

Is your Garage Door Trying to Tell you Something?

What are the most obvious things to look out for that would signal an impending major failure of your garage door before that happens?

The most common problems that lead to major failures are springs wearing out, sticking mechanisms and automated doors failing to open or close, so here are a few simple tests that should tell that you need to act before the worst happens.

Save Money by having your Garage Door serviced regularly

We take many things for granted in life, but probably none more so than the humble garage door. After all doors last for years and years – don’t they?

Most home garages in the UK have the ubiquitous manual up-and-over door, operating through a complex mechanism of channels, runners, cables and springs. These are all moving parts that have a working life, and when any one of them fails the door at best won’t open or close; at worst, it could fall off!