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Sarah Wirth works for Garage Door Rescue specialising in Marketing and Trend-Analysis.

Benefits Of A Roller Garage Door

There are many types of garage doors out there and they are each built to fit the differing requirements that homeowners may have. If you are interested in purchasing a garage door, then you should first know which type is right for you. What is a Roller Garage Door? So what exactly is a roller [...]

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Preparing Your Garage Door This Winter

Preparing Your Garage Door This Winter | Garage Door Rescue Summer is well and truly over and the chilly winter winds and dark days are kicking in. With Autumn looming over us, it's a good idea to prepare your garage door in good time! Many devices work a little less productively when it is cold [...]

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Your Guide To Your Smart Garage Door

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Garage Doors If you have a garage then you know the forever feeling of, “Did I remember to close the garage door.” Did you know that a surprising 30% of burglars break into a home through an unlocked door or window, without force? We at Garage Door Rescue [...]

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Buying A Garage Door

Things To Consider When Buying A Garage Door A well made and installed garage door could last you a lifetime with regular maintenance. It is very important to spend some time to think about the best possible choices for your new garage door. Your garage door is also the finishing touch to the exterior decor [...]

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Child Safety Around Garage Doors.

Keeping Your Children Safe Around Your Garage Doors     Child safety is, of course, a priority in any home. Most of us are well educated on how to keep our children safe in our homes but what about the garage? A garage door is widely convenient for security, however, garage doors are made up [...]

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Garage Security Tips To Prevent Crimes

Garage Security Tips To Help Prevent Crimes With Summer coming it’s more important than ever to secure your garage, as at this time of year garage theft is most common and is on the rise. Even if you don’t keep your car in the garage, the garage usually does contain some expensive items such as [...]

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