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Automating your garage door

How does an electric garage door work?

Getting out of the car to open your garage door and struggling to close it behind you within the confined space of your garage becomes quite a tedious task. On average, you would spend over 400 hours opening and closing your garage door during your lifetime. Garage Door Rescue can automate your existing garage door or fit you with a new one. All of our automated garage door installations are suitable for sectional style, up and over, and roller garage doors. Call us today on 01793 393503 or visit our electric garage door page for more information.

Automatic garage doorAn electric garage door is powered by an electric motor and controlled using a wireless remote on the garage door opener. Electric garage doors are usually fitted with a small electrical motor that can turn your regular garage door into an automatic garage door. Most electric garage doors don’t have the capability or power to lift your large, heaving garage door. Because of this, electric garage doors are supported by a counterbalance system that uses springs to offset the heavy weight of your garage door.

Features of an electric garage door

At a glance, an automated garage door allows you to open and close your garage door from the safety and comfort of your car. Using a wireless remote, you can open your garage door from a distance. The modern automated garage doors come with advanced security features that can alert you if your garage door has been opened or moved since you were away, and also allows you to control your garage door from your mobile phone.

Electric garage doorsYour most common electric garage door design uses a combination of springs and counterbalance cables that apply force to the garage door shaft. These components do most of the heavy lifting and take the strain of the garage door. The electric garage door opener only provides a small amount of force when opening and closing the garage door, and also controls how far it can open and close. You’ll also find that the electric garage door opener contains internal security features that replace the physical lock of your current garage door. This feature will prevent the garage door from being opened manually and will hold the door down unless instructed to open by the wireless remote.

The majority of electric garage doors have their components hanging above the inside of the garage door. Harnessed to the ceiling, the garage door opener is generally placed at the back end of the garage. This is connected to the garage door tracking and links to the opening mechanisms and counterbalance depending on your type of garage door.

Electric garage door technology

In recent years, the jackshaft opener has become a popular choice for electric garage doors. This technology has been used in the past on various commercial doors and is now being customised for domestic use. This type of electric garage door connects the motor to a torsion rod, which is responsible for moving the garage door up and down by simply spinning the rod. Whilst some minor adjustments are to be made for each type of garage door, they do free up ceiling space and are great for garages with lower ceilings.

The modern garage door opener system is all installed with billions of combinations of codes, as older models of electric garage doors used the same wireless code each time. This could be picked up using the old radio scanners and burglars would listen in to the code transmissions between remote and opener. It’s safe to say this will never happen again. With current electric garage doors creating a new code ready for when the garage door next opens.

Can I get an electric garage door?

Our expert engineers at Garage Door Rescue have installed and converted hundreds of different garage doors into automated garage doors. As part of our fast and reliable service, we will supply and install all manufacturer approved equipment to get your garage door automated. With more than 20 years experience between our expert engineers, the information and service provided on all repairs and installations are second to none. Our accurate, fixed quotes will ensure there are no hidden costs, so you can sit back and relax whilst we prepare your new automated garage door. Call us today for a free quote on 01793 393503. You can find more information on our automated garage door systems here.