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Can I Change My Garage Door Without Planning Permission?

Often, when making changes around the home, we are required to seek planning permission.

This usually applies to extensions to the property, conservatories, external walls etc. where we are making significant changes to volume or height that could have an impact on the properties around us. But what about the garage door?

Do you need to seek special permission to make this kind of change to the home? We answer the question “can I change my garage door without planning permission?”

Can I Change My Garage Door Without Planning Permission?

Generally Speaking You Can Change a Garage Door Without Permission

You can build a garage without planning permission. This applies as long as it doesn’t take up more than half of the room around the original property. So, if you can add an entire garage, there is often very little issue with changing your garage door.

Generally speaking, you don’t require planning permission to install a garage door or to change either the colour or the style of what was there before. This is classed as a permitted development that does not alter the structure or footprint of a building. It also doesn’t enlarge the size of the property.

You do need to be aware of some exceptions to this rule if you are planning on doing something that is not in keeping with the property or the neighbourhood. We take a look at occasions when planning permission could be required:

If the Appearance is Very Different

If the style of the garage door that you are looking at is radically different to what was there making it stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood, then you could find yourself requiring planning permission to change the garage door.

By changing the aesthetic of the garage so that it stands out from the properties around it, you may devalue other houses in the neighbourhood. Let’s imagine that all the doors are white or more muted colours and you change yours to a loud, brash colour. It then stands out and becomes a bit of an eyesore.

Garage Doors on Listed buildings

When it comes to a listed building, it’s not just the garage door that you will need to seek permission for but also windows, doors etc. A listed building is of architectural or historic interest and usually protected. In this case you will need to get listed building consent for any such changes.

If you are not sure if this applies to your property, check out Historic England Online where your property will be registered.

In a Conservation Area

Check with your local planning department if you live in a conservation area. If you do, any changes you make to your property may need to be approved. You will need to check the Article 4 Directions for the guidelines of what you can change and what you can’t.

The changes that you are allowed to make will depend on the elements that the local council is trying to protect.

How do I Know if I Can Change my Garage Door Without Planning Permission?

Before you set about making changes and installing a new garage door, it is worth checking if you do require planning permission, especially if you think any of the above might apply to you. Failure to do so could result in an enforcement notice which will require you to reverse any changes you have made.

If you have gone to the expense of having a new garage door fitted, you don’t want to have to stump up for yet another garage door that does fit with what is allowed.

If you are changing to something similar that is in keeping with the rest of the neighbourhood then you will have very little to be concerned with however, if it is a radical change then check first.

As a rule, if you are in any doubt, it is well worth checking first. If your planning department thinks that you do require permission, you will be directed to an online form to fill in. Beware, this is not always a quick decision and you could face a wait of several weeks.

For more information about changing your garage door, or to make an enquiry, get in touch. You can contact us on 01793 384324.