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Don’t Overlook your Garage Door Security

selbstverstaendlich__mehr_sicherheitLook on any Crime Prevention website, and it will identify the garage door as one of the weak points in home security that burglars target as an easier point of entry into a building.    

The reason is that our security measures for normal house doors and windows have been beefed-up over the years, with the addition of tougher locks, more substantial materials and stronger glazing.

Of course, a determined burglar can still overcome these obstacles, but by making that more difficult they need to spend more time outside of the building and, in terms of what they do, this makes them more vulnerable to detection.  

What they need is an area where they cannot be seen while they take the time necessary to break-in through a better-defended entrance. 

So what better than a door that they can enter quickly with the minimum effort to gain access, then close behind them and continue their work on the next line of defenceunseen by the outside world. 

This is why an integral garage is an ideal entry point, as it contains a connecting internal door to the rest of the property.

However, not only does the garage normally hold one of our main assets, the family car, we also store many other valuable items such as bikes, power tools and golf clubs in there.   In fact, some of us now have so much in our garages that there is no room for the car, meaning that a thief may not even need to go any further into the property to scoop a substantial haul of swag.  

So what can we do to beef-up this part of our home security?

Well, the simplest security move is not to advertise the available merchandise by keeping the garage door shut, particularly in the summer months.  This is a time when opportunist thefts from garages increase as many people leave their garage doors open while gardening or working on the outside of the house.   

Keeping the door shut also means that thieves aren’t tempted to visit under cover of darkness to take what they’ve already seen in the daylight.

Another reason that garage doors are left open is simply because they have become difficult to open and close.   This can be because they have been damaged, or that the mechanism has become worn with age, but the cause of this can often be quickly remedied by simple maintenance tasks like lubrication and adjustment.  

Garage Door Rescue provide annual maintenance checks from just £34.99 +VAT.

There are other simple measures that you can take to improve the security of your garage, including:

Making sure that garage door locks work properly, upgrading them to a higher grade or fitting good quality additional locks;
Fitting additional guards to close gaps around the doors to prevent them being prised open;
Fitting a simple garage alarm or extending your house alarm system into the garage;
Installing low voltage security lighting

Finally, if security is a significant concern, then fitting a new garage door is a particularly cost-effective solution.   Modern doors are much easier to open and close than their predecessors and there are a wide range of options now available, including built-in levels of security equivalent to the other entrances to the property.

If you would like some advice on the most cost-effective solutions for your property, just ring us on 01793 393503.