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Garage Door Rescue – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Choose Garage Door Rescue?

Garage Door Rescue leads the way in garage door repairs across the South West of England. Our team has extensive experience and will always provide a top-quality service. Other reasons to choose us include:

  • Free quotes with no hidden extras
  • Same Day Service
  • Lifetime guarantee – Satisfaction is guaranteed for all garage door repairs & installations. All cable replacements come with a Lifetime guarantee offering complete peace of mind. We also provide a full 12 months guarantee including parts and labour for all other repairs and manufacturer guarantees on all new door installations. All installations and repairs strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Fully trained local engineers
  • All garage door brands serviced
  • Licensed waste carriers

Garage Door Rescue - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do Garage Door Rescue’s services cover?

Garage Door Rescue has fully trained local engineers spread out across the South of England. This allows us to service and repair garage doors in a wide range of locations. If you live in any of the below-mentioned areas or nearby then give us a call today on 01793 393503.

  • Swindon – Cirencester – Faringdon – Highworth – Wroughton – Marlborough
  • Gloucester – Cheltenham – Stroud – Dursley
  • Chipping Norton – Moreton In The Marsh
  • Chippenham – Calne – Malmesbury
  • Bath – Corsham – Melksham – Trowbridge – Devizes – Frome
  • Oxford – Wantage – Abingdon – Didcot – Kidlington – Witney
  • Reading – Newbury – Hungerford


Which Replacement Parts do you stock?

At Garage Door Rescue we are able to provide comprehensive garage door repairs. If your garage door needs parts replacing then we can provide these for you. The replacement parts we stock include:

  • Cables/Wires
  • Springs
  • Locks
  • Handles
  • Door Rollers
  • Roller Spindles


What Kind of Garage Doors Do We Repair?

Garage Door Rescue can repair all types of garage doors from up-and-over garage doors to automated roller shutter garage doors. We repair all makes and models of garage doors. Satisfaction is guaranteed for all garage door repairs. All cable replacements come with a Lifetime guarantee offering complete peace of mind. We also provide a full 12 months guarantee including parts and labour for all other garage door repairs. All repairs strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.


How do I Winterise My Garage?

While it’s best to winterise your garage and home before the cold settles in, it’s never too late to take precautions to make your home energy-efficient, to ensure you’re warm the rest of the winter, and save some cash on utility bills year-round. You should carry out garage door maintenance to keep your garage operating all winter long. Like many other devices, garage doors face increased strain in the cold temperature. The most common time for a garage door malfunction is during a period of extreme cold.

At Garage Door Rescue, we have provided top tips on winter garage door maintenance in a blog. However. Preparing your garage door for the cold is often not the top of everybody’s to-do list. So if you do not have time yourself, or If you would just rather leave your garage door maintenance in the hands of a professional, contact Garage Door Rescue today. Your local garage door specialists will be happy to carry out your winter garage door checks for you.

Winter Garage Door Maintenance

What kind of doors and operators do you repair?

We repair all brands of doors and motor operators, including residential and commercial doors.


How do I reset my operator?

How to reset your garage door operator will differ depending on the type of operator you have installed. There should be instructions in the manufacturer manual. If you need additional help, feel free to give a call for assistance or to schedule a service call to program for you.

Although most operators do not have a reset button on them, it sometimes helps to unplug the unit, wait 60 seconds, and plug it back in (sometimes this will allow the internal computer chip to re-cycle itself).


How do I test the mechanical operation of my garage door opener and how often should I do this?

Easily the most common problem to occur with your garage door is the automation suddenly fails to open or close your door. We recommend opening and closing your garage door at least once a day to keep the system operation. Sadly there is no other way to ensure the mechanical operation lasts all winter long. If you do encounter a problem, the first thing to do is check the battery in your remote If it’s dead it will need replacing before the door will respond.

If you’re satisfied that the remote is sufficiently powered, then this may suggest that there is a deeper problem, potentially with the motor, springs, or tracks. In this case, it is always best to call in a professional to survey and repair the garage door properly. The team at Garage Door Rescue can quickly diagnose the problem.

A problem could also be with the auto-reverse. We advise you to test this function at least every 3 months. If you have an automated garage door, there is a legal requirement to have adequate sensors in place. At Garage Door Rescue, we provide a product called Roll-Smart which can be used to ensure your garage door is safe and in line with the law.

To test if your sensors are working, place a piece of wood or a brick on the ground in the path of the door. When the door coming down touches that object, it should reverse direction and go back up again. To test the beam sensors close your door and pass an object underneath in the door’s path. Your door should reverse. If the expected result does not happen, it is important that you call your local garage door specialist and get the problem fixed as soon as possible as your garage door will be a safety risk.


Is my garage door suitable for automation to be installed?

It is horrible having to get out of your car during the rain, fiddle around with an umbrella to then have to manually open your garage door. With Garage Door Rescue’s automation options, your side hinged, roller, sectional or up and over doors and security shutters are able to be opened from the comfort of your vehicle. We offer quality automation installations for garage doors. Call us today on 01793 393503. A member of our experienced team will visit your property and provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

Garage Door Security

Should I have an Insulated garage door?

More and more people in the UK are making changes in their lives to help protect the environment. Because of this, there is a trend towards eco-friendly garage door features being installed. If you are one of these people then you may be wondering what you can do to make your garage door more eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly practices in choosing garage doors are as important as they are in the rest of the house. Firstly, installing greater insulation on your garage door can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your home.

Your garage door is likely to be the biggest opening to your house which means they exert a lot of influence on letting cold air into the house during the winter and hot air during the summer. Insulation is usually made from foam. Please contact Garage Door Rescue on 01793 393503 for more information on garage door insulation.


How long should my garage door last?

The average garage door should last between 15–30 years, depending on construction quality, maintenance and local climate conditions. Automatic garage door openers normally provide 10–15 years of reliable service.

The more maintenance you carry out on the garage door the longer it should last. Using a professional garage door company for maintenance and repairs will likely mean you receive a higher level of service and this will prolong the life of your garage door.  


Can I make garage door repairs by myself?

While sometimes doing a household job by yourself can save you money and feel rewarding, there are certain jobs that should be left to the professionals. When it comes to your garage door, there are of course some simple tasks that many people will be capable of carrying out themselves such as applying lubricant.

However, there are advantages to calling out a garage door specialist now and again to assist with your garage door maintenance including the fact they will be using specialist products, tools, and techniques.

There are also more complicated jobs that should always be left to the professionals such as installing a new garage door or fixing problems with automation. For more information, read our blog comparing the advantages of DIY vs garage door specialists.