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Garage Door Facts

Did you know that the garage door is the largest moving object on a home? We take a look at some more interesting facts about garage doors:

How Much Do We Use Our Garage Doors?

The average garage door is opened between 3-5 times a day. This means it can be opened and closed up to 1500 times a year. Of course, there are some who don’t use their garage very often and others who might use it more.

Average Life Span of a Garage Door

This largely depends on how much you use your garage door. The average door which is opened up to 1500 times a year, can last around 20 years. It will last even longer if carefully maintained and looked after. Lubricating the door, for example, will help to prolong its life. Spotting issues and getting them fixed before they become a greater problem is also important.

Average Life Span of a Specific Part

There are many different parts involved in the mechanism of your garage door. Let’s take the torsion spring as an example. While a garage door will last on average 20 years, a specific part like this will probably only last for 9-10 years or 13,000 – 15,000 opens and closes per year. This is indicative of the fact that there will be times when you will need to fix or replace certain parts.

When Was the Garage Door Invented?

The first private garage was introduced in 1902 however this was a swing out door that used to get stuck in the snow. Previous to this, carriage doors were more the norm. The first overhead operation garage door was invented in 1921 by C.G.Johnson. He then invented the first electric garage door in 1926.

It was in the 1950s and 60s that architects started to design houses with garages attached. After World War II, nearly every household had a car and there was much demand for this feature.

Improve Kerb Appeal and Value

Your garage door can give added kerb appeal and help the saleability of your home. It can also add to its value. A new, or well cared for, garage door can make your home look much more welcoming and well maintained. In fact, the installation of a garage door can not only make your home look better, it can also save you money on heating bills with increased insulation and the value it adds, could outweigh the cost of having it installed in the first place.

Testing and Inspecting Your Garage Door

Whether you use your garage door regularly or sparingly, it is important to maintain it and have it inspected regularly. Avoid bigger problems by identifying them before they are an issue.

So Much Choice 

Modern, traditional, futuristic… no matter what your style or requirements, there is so much choice when it comes to a garage door. The style, the colour, design and operation are all factors. Choose the door that works with the rest of the neighbourhood or stand out with something different.

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