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The importance of garage door security

Keeping your garage door security locks and all entrance secure is as important as keeping your home secure. This goes for all garages, regardless of whether it’s attached to your house or not. To maintain an effective security system requires a small amount of upfront work and then regular maintenance and checks thereafter to ensure everything is safe. This can include checking your garage door lock for damage, changing codes to your automated garage door, and even upgrading your garage door security. At Garage Door Rescue, our team can provide information and advice on all types of garage door security. You can get in touch today on 01793 393503.

We’ve been providing garage door repairs and garage door security solutions since 1987. Our team of experienced technicians and engineers provide fast and reliable garage door security services for all local homeowners and small businesses. Below is some tips and advice on maintaining garage door security, as well as some of the products you can use to improve general garage security.

Optimising your garage door security

Garage Door LockYou would think that by having a big, robust garage door that your garage is instantly secure. This is very far from the truth, and unfortunately, garages are often an easy target for thieves who spot a lack of garage security. Basic security measures no longer cut it, and keeping your family, business and possessions safe is extremely important.

With more and more homeowners installing automatic garage doors, the likeliness of break-ins is reduced as the garage door doesn’t open manually. This makes it more difficult to force open the garage door to gain entry. A common issue or engineers come across is technical issues with older models of automatic garage doors. Older garage door openers work by using outdated security technology that can be easily hacked into.

Garage door openers work by sending a code from the opener (Remote) to the receiver (box) that will, in turn, open your garage door. In the past thieves would listen in to the transmission frequencies and gain access to the code. This would allow them to send the same signal to your garage door and could gain entry when you aren’t home – without any sign of a break-in.

Modern automatic garage door security resolves this issue by refreshing the code transmitted after every use. This makes it impossible for thieves to decode the frequency as the code transmitted will change after every use. The advances in modern garage door security make automatic garage doors extremely secure. If you’re worried about your automatic garage door security being outdated, get in touch with one of our local technicians today and we can check the level of security of your garage door.

The garage defender

Unfortunately, not all garages have the luxury of being automated and require alternative methods to improve garage door security. For up and over garage doors and other manual garage doors, we recommend the Garage Door Defender. The garage defender is a heavy-duty lock that can be anchored into the ground. It prevents up and over garage doors from being forced open by securely keeping the door in place.

When choosing a garage door defender, check to make sure you pick a lock that is compatible with your make and type of garage door. There is nothing worse than paying out for a defender only to find it doesn’t fit properly! If you ever have any questions regarding garage door defenders, get in touch with our technicians today.

Garage door defender installations

Garage Door Security with GDROur team at Garage Door Rescue can source and install a range of Garage Door Defenders and secure your garage door. We provide free, no-obligation quotes on all work carried out on your garage door, so you’ll know exactly what garage door lock you need before work is carried out. The growing range of garage door security locks ensures that we can source the perfect security solution for your garage.

Whether it’s to reinforce your existing garage door by automating it, or by installing a tough garage door defender – we can help.  You won’t find a service more dedicated and proud than us, and you can see our customers are always satisfied by visiting our reviews page. For installations on a new garage door lock, contact us today on 01793 393503.