Garage Door Security – Minimise Your Risk

Garage Door Security – Minimise Your Risk 2021-12-17T21:25:29+00:00

Garage doors seem to make our homes secure, but sometimes they are an easy target for thieves, so garage door security is extremely important to keep your family or business safe.

Minimise Your Risk, Get A New Garage Door Opener

Most homeowners have automatic garage door openers, but if you have an older model, the same code may work for many doors! Thankfully, the newer openers have increased security and switches that can be set by the home- owner. There are also code grabbers that can gain access to your system by locking on to your signal and re-transmit the code.

Modern Security Technology

Newer, automatic garage door openers have rolling-code technology. A new security code transmits each time you use the remote, and with over 100 billion codes, your chances of getting your code taken are very slim, in fact you have more chances of winning the lottery nowadays than cracking the code! This is a sure fire way of making your garage door much safer. Call us today and let our local engineers check the safety level of your garage door.

Added Security With A Garage Door Defender™

For added garage door security and to give you peace of mind, Garage Door Rescue can install Garage Door Defenders and Locks on your garage doors. Let our experts help you secure your garage door – contact us today to ask for advice on what the best solution to secure your garage would be.


  1. Use garage door locks and bolts to provide extra security
  2. Secure your emergency release – we can provide this service for you
  3. Get regular maintenance on the mechanical parts of your garage door and check the frame, the locks, and hinges for signs of corrosion or wear.

If you want to be sure your garage door is as secure as possible, just call the experts at Garage Door Rescue. We can discuss the best plan to imrove the security of your garage door! Our local engineers are standing by!

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