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Garage Doors and Energy Efficiency

As the largest opening in most homes, garage doors can account for up to 15% of a home’s energy loss.

This is why it’s important to ensure that your garage door is secure, not only against intruders but also against the elements.

There are a few things to look for when choosing an energy-efficient garage door or ensuring, that your existing one is Insulation is not responsible for an increase in your energy bills.


The insulation in your garage door will help to keep the heat in during the winter and the cool air in during the summer. Look for a garage door with a high R-value, which is a measure of how well the door insulates.


Sufficient weatherstripping around the edges of the garage door will help to seal out drafts and air leaks.

Garage Door Seal

The door seal is the rubber gasket that runs along the bottom of the garage door. It helps to prevent air from flowing under the door. Check your existing garage door to see whether it is airtight and if there is heat escaping/cold air getting in. If air is getting in, there is a chance that water can get in too, causing you further issues.

In addition to choosing an energy-efficient garage door, there are a few other things you can do to make your garage more energy-efficient:

  • Keep your garage door closed when you’re not using it. This will help to keep the heat or cool air in your home.
  • Install a garage door opener with a timer. This will allow you to set the garage door opener to close automatically after a certain amount of time.
  • Inspect your garage door regularly for damage. If there are any gaps or tears in the insulation, seal them up to prevent air leaks.

By following these tips, you can help to make your garage more energy-efficient and save money on your energy bills.

Additional benefits of having an energy-efficient garage door:

Reduced noise levels

An insulated garage door will help to reduce noise levels in your home. This is especially beneficial if your garage is located next to a busy street or if you have a noisy hobby.

Improved security

An energy-efficient garage door is more difficult to break into than a non-insulated door. This can help to deter burglars and keep your home safe.

Increased home value

An energy-efficient garage door can increase the value of your home. This is because it is a sign that your home is well-maintained and energy-efficient. Even if you aren’t intending to replace your garage door, it is important to have it inspected and repaired where necessary.

If you are considering replacing your garage door, be sure to choose an energy-efficient model. It is a wise investment that will pay off in the long run. At Garage Door Rescue, we can help you to choose an option that will improve the energy efficiency of your garage. We can also make repairs to your existing garage doors to improve efficiency.