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Garage Security Tips To Prevent Crimes

Garage Security Tips To Help Prevent Crimes

Garage Door Security

With Summer coming it’s more important than ever to secure your garage, as at this time of year garage theft is most common and is on the rise. Even if you don’t keep your car in the garage, the garage usually does contain some expensive items such as bikes, BBQ’s, tools and other bits and bobs and it should be secure at all times of the day. Garages can be particularly appealing to criminals because they are not usually alarm protected, provide access to a home and the valuables inside are not usually covered. We have some advice to help you to protect your home and your valuables with ease. If you need any advice on garage door safety and the maintenance of your garage door please feel free to contact us on our website today.

Home Security


Your home security should be tested and maintained regularly if possible should be extended to the garage to detect intruders. You could also fit a separate garage alarm system which would be extremely helpful.


Motion lighting is also extremely useful. Most robbers prefer to sneak around in the door or in poorly lit areas. If a thief approaches your garage the motion lighting will be activated immediately scaring the cowardly intruders. The light can also act as a warning to anyone inside to take the necessary precautions.


Cameras are also a good way to keep burgers away. If a burglary occurs you have solid evidence against the criminal and also have an idea of how to prepare to prevent another burglary happening.




It sounds obvious but locks can be a lifesaver. Lock the garage door itself at all times when its not in use. Especially if you go away on holidays. Once inside your garage lock away all of your valuables or hide them so they are not on display. If your home is attached to the garage it is important to lock this door too. Don’t allow a thief to walk directly from the garage into your home where your family could be. Create as many barriers for the intruder as possible. The more delay you create for the robber, the more time you have to take precautions or call for additional help.




If you have windows looking into your garage it is a good idea to frost them over. This technique stops anyone seeing what valuables you may have inside and will cut out any temptation from anyone to go inside. It is important to always lock your windows too for extra safety precautions.




Maintenance of your garage door is imperative. Getting the professionals in to inspect and fix your garage door once or twice a year could actually save you from a burglary. Regular maintenance can actually cut down costs too due to regular inspection and repairs. Some people like to try and their garage doors themselves which is very admiral, however, your garage door is an entrance into your home and should be maintained by the professionals if possible. Garage Door Rescue makes and repair all models of garage doors and would be happy to clarify any queries you may have on maintenance and repair. See our website for more information on garage door repairs.




Leaving your garage door open is an open invitation to intruders. Do not rely on your memory to close the garage door every time you leave it. Install a timer which will signal your garage door to close at a preset time. It is easy to change the time too if you want to change the duration the door is open.


Garden Defences


Everybody loves having a well-kept garden so why not improve the home security at the same time? ‘Defensive planting’ is a term used to describe how to prevent burglary using nature. You could plant these under vulnerable windows and also allow them to grow to window sill heights above. You could also put them around the surrounding area of your home to make it impossible for intruders to enter without shredding themselves first. An attractive yet defensive way to protect your home.


Placing gravel outside your garage door could also help you prevent theft. Gravel to walk on is generally quite noisy. A thief would be heard from a mile away but this would allow you to take precautions and potentially call the police.


What Do I Do If I Go On Holiday?


It is important to keep your home safe to give you peace of mind while you are on holiday. Follow all of the cations mentioned above. You could ask a trusted neighbour or friend to check in and keep an eye on the house for you. You should also avoid talking about your holiday plans if any of your social media pages are public, you don’t know who is watching. You could also switch a timed lamp on in the house in the evenings to show that the house isn’t empty.


What Do I Do If I Am Being Robbed?


Garage Door Security


If you believe there is an intruder in your home, do not enter the house until you are 100% sure that the intruder has left. Call 999 and ask for the police immediately. If you feel safe and don’t need an emergency response unit then please call 101 to report the burglary. Go inside once you know it’s safe and make a list of the items you believe are missing. You may then want to contact your home insurance company to make a claim. Lastly, it’s a good idea to change any lock or keys for security purposes and cancel any bank cards that have been stolen.