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How Safe Is Your Garage Door?

How Safe Is Your Garage Door? | Garage Door Rescue

How Safe Is Your Garage Door?With the Summer kicking in nicely, now is the perfect time to think about a few things in and around the home. If nothing else, it’s a good time to consider how safe your home truly is, since the longer days give you more time to sort things like this out.

A lot of homeowners don’t consider the security of their garage, even though most of us store valuables that are worth protecting. From bikes, power tools to cars, our garages are usually filled with things that a wanting burglar would love to get their hands on.

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Your home’s security is something you should consider dearly since it’s something you want to prioritise. As garage door repair specialists, we’re well versed in what makes a garage door secure and what shortcomings make your home a potential target for burglary. Weaknesses like low-quality locks can be a potential risk since criminals will know what they’re looking for when picking a suitable home.

Garages are also direct routes into a home since they’re often connected to the rest of the house. This is something a lot of people don’t consider and it’s a weakness in a lot of peoples home security. Criminals often target garages as an easy way to gain access to the rest of the home, so it’s vital that your garage door is as secure as it can be.

At Garage Door Rescue, we’ve worked with thousands of homeowners repairing their garage doors. We’ve also installed quality security measures on garage doors to ensure they’re protected. In this article, we’ll go through and discuss a few aspects you should consider if you’re worried about the security of your garage door:

Is your garage door outdated?

Old garage doors are much easier for someone to bypass as they’ll be able to either bend the door given the right effort or just to open the door with the right tools. Structurally, if a garage door is rusted due to old age, then it’ll be much easier for someone to get through as they’ll be able to physically bend the door.

Older styles of garage doors are much more likely to be targeted since there are a lot more weaknesses in the design of older doors that allow easier access for a burglar to open a garage door easily.

Criminals can also resort to extreme measures of cutting entire portions of garage doors. This is again, a common technique for older garage doors as they can cut the entire lockout of the door.

Older garage doors are much more likely to be damaged due to rust/wear over time, making them more susceptible to brute force methods of entering. Getting through an old garage door is as easy as using a crowbar to pry/bend the door out of the frame.

There are measures that can be taken as modern garage doors are fitted anti-lift kit. This acts as a mechanical security measure to ensure the doors can’t be lifted manually. The entire system is locked down and because the system is mechanical, it doesn’t require power to work, making sure your garage door stays shut even in a power cut.

Is your garage door damaged?

If your garage door is noticeably damaged, it can act as a telltale sign that it’s most likely an easy door to bypass. The worse a garage door looks, the more likely the security is going to be low. Like we’ve mentioned, burglars are opportunists. If they are trying to find an easy target, they’ll take any advantage they can get. If your home has a visibly damaged door, they’ll most likely expose that weakness given the chance.

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