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Is it Time to Paint the Garage Door?

gt02It’s a chore we all put off, but sooner or later seeing that dull area of discoloured or peeling paint as we drive up to it after a hard day’s work means that we need to put a day aside for the inevitable.  Unless, of course, you have an artistic side and a couple of weeks to spare, in which case you might want to consider an alternative, like Ferrari enthusiast Chris Smart from Hampshire.


Realising that he could never afford to own the car of his dreams, a 1962 Ferrari 250GTO, Chris decided to paint one on the door instead.  But he did so in such a way that it looks like the door is open to reveal that the car is actually inside his garage, and so realistic is the result that it regularly stops traffic in the road outside


Of course, we are not all as gifted or artistically-trained as Chris, so a German company has recently begun marketing flexible photo-covers for garage doors, which are made of strong weatherproof material.   They can be fixed to any door type and because they are flexible they will stay in place when the door is opened.  They are fixed in place using Velcro, so can be removed at any time or, if you become bored with the image, can be replaced by a different design.    Here are a few ideas as an alternative to getting that paint-brush out:

You could show off your dream car, a fighter jet, or just the open road

How about a Tank, your Wine Cellar, or a different type of old croc?

If you have a double garage you can have a gateway to a sunnier clime


or with twin entrances, how did you get that earth mover in there?


There are a range of over 300 standard designs, and one-offs can also be produced to your own design.  So why not have a bit of fun with the neighbours by letting them think that we have something unusual in your garage.