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All About Our New Product: Roll-Smart

Garage Door Rescue Have an Exciting Announcement

Here at Garage Door Rescue, we are very excited to announce that we have a new product on offer called Roll-Smart. It is a highly innovative, next-generation safety system for automated garage doors. Roll-Smart is the perfect motion detection unit to replace the unsafe practice of using photocells. Roll-Smart has been designed to deliver an unbeatable safety performance in real-world situations. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about this cutting-edge product, however, if you would like more information, please contact us on 01793 393503.

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All About Roll-Smart

Roll-Smart has so many benefits over other motion detection units. It uses cutting-edge technology yet it is still very simple to operate by any member of the public. If you are looking for maximum convenience at an unbeatable value, then Roll-Smart is the product for you. The installation and commissioning of Roll-Smart are very straightforward and you are guaranteed trouble-free operation year after year.

Roll-Smart is designed specifically to suit standard and compact aluminium slat roller garage doors from 1.2 metres to 5.2 metres wide. It comes with standard bottom weather seals which do not need the expensive and vulnerable electrical contact strips which other systems use. Roll-Smart also does not need optical beams inside and is it is not affected by rough or uneven garage floors.

An RS1 control unit will be conveniently fitted inside your garage with a new 28-watt halogen courtesy light system, door status LED indication, and control buttons so that you can operate the door from inside the garage. Roll-Smart comes with a multi-door option meaning that you can control up to four doors from a single key fob. Each door would be fitted with an RS2 control unit.

Roll-Smart comes with a hold to run feature which allows a controlled closure of the garage door if the safety device is damaged. This feature enables Roll-Smart to meet legal regulations and be CE certified.

There are a range of accessories you can choose to have alongside your Roll-Smart system. There are two designs of handheld transmitters (key fobs) which can both be connected to either two or four devices. You can also choose between a wireless keypad or a wireless key switch to have as your wall transmitter. These decisions can be based entirely on your own personal preference. There are the additional accessories of a wired alarm and a photocell kit.

Roll-Smart is competitively priced in comparison to all other control systems on the market. At Garage Door Rescue, out professional garage door specialists can assure you that this product is highly appealing.

How Does Roll-Smart Work?

Roll-Smart is a motion detection device which is far more effective than using photocells, making your automated garage door a lot safer. A slimline Roll-Smart track is fitted to the back of the roller door. The track is equipped with state of the art electronics which together with a bottom rail mounted magnetic sensor, enables the system to scan the closing movement. It is incredibly effective and will always detect children, cars and any other obstructions in the garage door’s route. This guarantees a safe closing movement every time.

Your Current System May Not Meet The Legal Requirements

There are actually many law in place which governs automated garage doors. Despite them being created for your safety, thousands of households in the UK are fully unaware that their automated garage door may be illegal. The main legal documents The main legal documents which are relevant to garage doors are:

  • The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 (SMR)
  • The Construction Products Regulation 2011 – EU No.305/2011 (CPR)
  • European Standard For Garage Doors (BS EN 123241-1:2003 + A1:2011)

The laws require that all new garage doors must be verifiably safe when they are put on the market. This is fairly straightforward to check by looking out for CE markings, reading the relevant documents from the person responsible, making sure you have a hold to run control, and, carrying out regular checks of the motion detection system.

There is an unsafe practice which many automated garage doors have been installed with called photocells. Photocells are sensors used to detect motion and stop the automated garage door in its track. However, because there have been many accidents over the years of the doors impacting a person or object, photocells on their own are not enough to ensure your garage door meets the legal regulations. Any person intending to fit an automated garage door with only a photocell for safety is now conducting an illegal installation and leaving the door a danger to the user. Photocells only detect motion across one point of the door’s closing route and they can be easily knocked out of place, making them completely useless.

Roll-Smart is a fully CE compliant solution. The product complies with the very latest CE marking and Radio Equipment Directives. Roll-Smart is the ideal solution to ensure that your door complies with the Construction Products Regulation (EU No.305/2011) and the force limitation test in accordance with EN 12453. Trust us as professional garage door specialists, that Roll-Smart is the ideal safety product, which will ensure your garage door is compliant with the legal regulations.

Get Roll-Smart Now

If you think Roll-Smart is perfect for your automated garage door or would like more advice and information, contact Garage Door Rescue now on 01793 393503.

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