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What Are the Benefits of a Roller Garage Door

There are many different types of garage door – there’s the traditional up and over garage doors, then there are automatic and sectional garage doors. A popular alternative to these is the roller garage door. We take a look at the benefits of this type of door and in particular, roller garage door maintenance and repairs and how secure this type of door is.

Why Choose a Roller Garage Door?

There are many benefits to having a roller garage door as opposed to an up and over door. These benefits include:

More Space Inside and Out

One of the major benefits of a roller garage door is that they require less space than an up and over door, internally. You don’t have to worry about having tracks fitted meaning, you can get a larger vehicle, or more equipment in your garage. The roller door simply folds up and into a box at the top of your garage.

You also don’t need to allow for space for the door to open when you park up close to the garage and your roof can be left free for the installation of lights etc.

Greater Insulation

The slats on some roller garage doors are double skinned and thermally insulated meaning that they are thicker than their up and over counterparts. If you need your garage to be temperate all year round, it is worth considering a roller door for this reason. You won’t get this as standard with all doors but it is worth looking at the options available if you are choosing an upgrade to your current garage door.


The beauty of a roller garage door is that there are no visible points of entry like locks which can be picked. When a burglar looks at a roller door, their only option is to force entry which, in the dead of night, isn’t going to be their first choice. That’s not to say that they are totally burglar proof though – is anything? In this instance you need to choose a door that has enhanced security features that make it extremely difficult for them to be forced.

What Are the Benefits of a Roller Garage Door

Roller Garage Door Repairs

Roller garage door maintenance and repairs are extremely important and we would advise against buying the cheapest version of a door that you can find just to save a few pounds. Scrimping on a garage door is a false economy.

You see with a roller garage door, if someone was trying to break in, they would work on leveraging the door from the bottom. This way they can then force the door upwards. There are very secure models that are designed to prevent burglars breaking in and enhanced security features available but, like most things, you get what you pay for. We would highly recommend that you explore your options before choosing the final product.

Roller Garage Door Maintenance

Roller door repairs and maintenance should be on your list of priorities when choosing a door – are roller shutter door repairs easy on your model of choice should something go wrong? Of course, you can never anticipate anything breaking when you first purchase it but further down the line, you need to be sure that your roller garage door can be repaired and maintained.

If you have an issue with an existing garage door or are in need of roller door maintenance, we would be happy to help. Our repairs start from just £41.99 with our new roller garage doors starting at £999. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements – 01793 384323.