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Roller Garage Doors – How do they work?

Everything you need to know about roller garage doors

With a wide range of garage doors available, choosing the right one to suit your needs is important. Whilst all garage doors seem quite similar from the outside, there are indeed many different types of garage doors. At Garage Door Rescue, our expert garage door engineers are experienced in repairing and replacing all types of garage doors. From roller garage doors to up and over garage doors, we deliver a friendly and dependable service. If you require assistance with your garage door you can call us today on 01793 393503. We specialise in the fast and reliable repair of roller garage doors and can be there to fix yours today.

There are two main variations of the roller garage door that each have the rolling shutter characteristic. The two types available are the single skin and the insulated double skinned roller garage door. Both provide great functionality and are of good quality and the key difference comes in the insulation of the double skinned roller garage door. The insulated roller garage door prevents heat loss from your garage and is great if your garage is an area connected to your home.

How do roller garage doors work?

Roller garage doors have become more popular over recent years and are slowly beginning to appear more often in residential areas. The roller shutter design has been a favourite of many types of businesses including garages and offices, where they have been seen for years. Roller shutter garage doors roll up and down vertically and roll up into a small space above the inside of the garage door. All roller garage doors can be fitted into more unusual spaces where other types of garage door would be difficult to install. Here is an example of how roller garage doors work:

Roller garage doorsMoving directly upwards when opening, roller garage doors do not swing out in either direction of the opening, nor do they fill the ceiling space in your garage. All roller garage doors are made from small, individual slats that fit, flush alongside each other. That allows the roller shutters to wrap around each other when the garage door is opened. As the door raises, each slat separates from the garage door and wraps neatly above the door into a small, tidy roll.


Advantages of roller garage doors

The smart design of the roller garage door provides many benefits to the user not just because of how it’s made, but also how it compares to other garage door types. First and foremost, the rolling shutter of the garage door is a fantastic space saver. Tucked away above the entrance to your garage, it takes up minimal space and has the smallest operating area of all garage doors. The more traditional garage door types such as the up and over garage door takes up a lot more space compared to roller garage doors. This is because it extends deep into your garage ceiling space, making it difficult to put up shelving and lighting near the opening. This is great for roller garage doors as it will allow you utilise the additional saved space for storage and lighting.

Roller shutter garage door repairs

Roller shutter garage doors don’t just save you space in your garage, as their physical functionality allows you to drive right up to the door even before it’s opened. Because the rolling shutter opens directly upwards, you do not have to leave space between your car and garage door like you would with an up and over garage door. This makes roller garage doors perfect for smaller garages where there is just enough space for your car as you don’t have to account for any opening and closing distance.

Fast and reliable roller garage door repairs

At Garage Door Rescue, we’re able to provide fast and reliable repairs to all roller garage doors. Our fully trained engineers are capable of comprehensive repairs on all handles, locks and rollers as well as fitting replacement parts. We also provide a maintenance service that will keep your roller garage door running smoothly for years to come. Where possible we can provide a same day repair service on all roller garage doors in Swindon, Cheltenham, Oxford, Bath and Gloucester. We can be there within the hour, quickly identify the issue and provide you with a competitively priced fixed quote. All of our repairs on roller shutters are carried out to manufacturer standards, with all of our cable replacements coming with a lifetime guarantee. So call us today on 01793 393503 or visit our roller garage door repair page for more information.