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Roller Shutter Garage Doors Swindon

Roller Shutter Garage Doors Discussed By Garage Doors Rescue

Roller Shutter Garage Doors Swindon
In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know if you want to install a roller garage door in your home. We’ll also go through repairs & maintenance for your garage door. If you’re looking for roller garage doors in Swindon or garage door repairs in Swindon call us on 01793 393503.

Want to install roller shutter garage doors in Swindon?

Roller garage doors have become more popular in the UK for their practicality and design. If you own a property in Swindon and are interested in installing a roller shutter garage door, we can help! get in touch with our team on 01793 393503 and speak to our team today.

Our accredited local engineers offer a service you can trust. We offer a fast and reliable service which is guaranteed!

Our engineers that are based in Swindon, will be on hand to help you almost whenever you need them.

Why Choose A Roller Shutter Garage Door

There are many features of roller garage doors which explain why they are so popular. As the name suggests, they roll up into the inside or outside of your garage. This provides the best space-saving garage door option for your garage and driveway.

The vertical style means that you don’t have to make up the space to allow the doors to swing-out. All roller shutter garage doors are automatic and controlled with a key fob. This means there is no manual strength needed to lift the door! You can even open your roller garage doors from your car, allowing for easy use when you’re parking. This doesn’t limit roller garage doors to the fob which would leave you stuck if there was a power cut. They can be operated by hand in the event that your fob doesn’t work!

Roller garage doors can be installed behind, between or in front of the opening. This will all depend on your own preferences and your garage. Roller garage doors are custom made to order, giving you the best fitting door you can have. Our fitters will take precise measurements ensuring the door fits perfectly.

There are two different types of roller shutter doors: single skin, and double skin. Both types of doors are secure and easy to use, but double skin doors do offer better insulation. Double skin doors have better thermal and sound dampening performance.

These are ideal benefits to utilise if you spend a lot of time in your garage. Double skin doors are made from double-skinned aluminium and filled with foam. They make use of rubber seals at the bottom of the door. This adds to the insulative properties by eliminating any draft that comes in. In summary, roller garage doors are a great option for those looking for a smooth garage door that’s easy to use.

If you’d like more information about roller garage doors, get in touch on 01793 393503 today!

Looking for roller garage door repairs in Swindon?

At Garage Door Rescue we offer all kinds of roller garage door repairs. From replacement locks to handles and rollers, we have the parts to repair it all! We also offer services where we can improve the security of your garage door.

This goes hand in hand with our service and maintenance services. Maintenance is always recommended as it keeps your garage door working as it should!

If you are trying to find Roller Shutter Garage Door Repairs in Swindon then Garage Door Rescue can help. We are a family-owned garage door repair business in Swindon. We’ve been serving homeowners throughout Swindon for more than two decades!

We offer a quick and easy, fixed-cost garage door repair service for local property owners. If you need a Roller Shutter Door Repair service in Swindon, give us a call today! You can get in touch with our team on 01793 393503.

Roller Garage Door Maintenance and Repair

It is important that you test your roller garage door regularly – we recommend testing it at least once a month. To check that the laser beam sensors are working, it would be a good idea to sweep a foot or an object underneath the door as it is closing. If it does not stop then this implies that there may be a problem which could lead to the door closing on you or your car whilst you are driving through. The most common problems we receive are easily solved by cleaning off spider webs, dust and dirt from the laser sensors and the key fob sensor.

We also recommend switching the machine off and on again, as well as replacing the batteries in the key fob. If none of this works then you will need to contact garage door engineer to solve the problem.

Garage Door Rescue has specialist engineers in Swindon who will be able to repair your roller garage door in no time. We offer a range of services including:

  • Automated garage door repairs and installation
  • Security repair and installation
  • Supplying and fixing garage door spare parts.


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