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Secure Your Home This Christmas

Not only are garage doors commonly used for storage, but they are also often a route into one’s homes. This is why it is important that the security features of your garage door are not be overlooked. Sadly, around Christmas time there is an increase in burglaries due to expensive gifts being on offer. This also comes with greater devastation for the victims.

Christmas is a time associated with joy and family, so don’t let poor garage door security dampen the spirit. Here at Garage Door Rescue, we have provided some tips on garage door security.

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Easy Ways to Secure your Garage Door and Home

Homeowners worry a lot about keeping windows and doors locked to prevent robbery, but the garage is often overlooked as a gateway for thieves. If your garage is attached to your home or if you keep anything of value in that area you should implement some safety tactics to keep trespassers out.

  1. Keep your remote in a safe placeAutomated garage doors are becoming more and more popular in the UK. It’s convenient to keep your garage door opener in the car, but doing so makes it easy for burglars to snatch it. Get in the habit of bringing your garage door opener into the house with you. Attach the remote to your keychain if that helps you remember. Or, if you must leave it in the car, lock your remote in the glove compartment, so thieves can’t see or steal it.
  2. Keep the inside of your garage hidden – People who can see into your garage are a lot more likely to try to break in, especially if they can see tools and equipment of value. If you have garage door windows, use a frosted spray paint to increase privacy, or install shades to prevent anyone from peeking inside.
  3. Install an alarm – Garage door alarms operate much like window locks; if they sense motion, they’ll emit a loud alarm. It is common to have an alarm in your home but often the garage is not covered by this so it is an easy target for thieves.
  4. Keep up garage door maintenance – If your garage door is falling apart, it’s that much easier for people to break in. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your garage door. If there are any signs that your garage door is suffering, we recommend getting the problem fixed as soon as possible to keep your home secure. If you need any help and advice, do not hesitate to contact your local garage door specialists on 01793 393503.
  5. Install motion detection lights – Keeping your garage well-lit will deter thieves. Bright lighting makes burglars nervous and just might make them go elsewhere. Motion detector lighting is better than on-all-night lighting because it saves energy when it’s off and attracts attention when it’s on. You can shop for motion sensing lights that do everything from basic motion detection to alerting you through an app when its light flicks on. To keep a complete eye on your garage, you could also look into home security cameras. These can be expensive but are a very effective way of securing your garage and home and when you are away.
  6. Have a radio playing – If you were sneaking into a house, but heard a noise, would you keep going? Probably not. That’s the theory behind turning on a radio in your garage. Noise indicates the human presence, and that’s something burglars want to avoid. This is a very good idea if you are going on holiday so will not be in the home much. There are devices which allow you to put your radio on a timer so it does not play constantly.
  7. Lock the entry door – If you have an attached garage, lock the entry door that leads into the house. This may sound obvious but too many homeowners rely on the service door and forget the importance of locking the door which attaches your garage to the rest of your home.

If you follow as many of these tips as you can, your garage door will be significantly more secure this holiday. If you are still nervous that you might get a break in, then it may be the right decision for you to purchase a new garage door or additional security features.

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Garage Door Security

Features to Look for in a New Garage Door

Modern garage doors are constantly improving by providing innovative security features that make your garage and home safer.

At the most basic level, your up-and-over garage door should have a rotary catch lock which firmly fixes the corners of the door leaf to the frame, locking it much more securely than a common bolt lock and making it practically impossible to force the door open. Additional top locking is also available utilising an optional retrofit kit.

On all automatic garage doors, when the door is closed the anti-lift kit automatically engages in the guide rail stop, immediately locking and securing it against a forced opening. This lock is purely mechanical and effective even in the event of a power failure, meaning that uninvited guests barely stand a chance with automatic doors.

Automatic doors are probably the safest choice in terms of security, however, this is only the case if you keep the remote locked away from thieves – if they get their hands on it, then breaking into your garage will be much easier.

Modern pedestrian entrance doors also set new standards for security, being equipped with multiple-point locking as standard. 8mm-thick laminated safety glass on the interior of the insulated glazing provides maximum security as it makes reaching-through more difficult.

You can also opt for side elements and transom lights with break-in resistant RC2 features – giving you and your family even more security.

More sophisticated systems incorporate handheld transmitters for opening automatic doors and gates featuring bi-directional FM radio signals that use the same 128-bit encryption employed by banks for online banking security.

Not only do these systems make the transmitters more secure but also give extended operating distances.

Technology is constantly evolving in the garage door industry to improve the usability of your garage door at the same time as increasing security. It may be worth replacing your garage door or installing additional devices to keep your garage and home secure this Christmas.

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Garage Door Security by Garage Door Rescue

Garage Door Rescue offers some of the most secure and reliable ranges of garage door security and automation equipment in the UK.

All the manually operated garage doors we fit incorporate multi-point locking for greater resistance to break-ins and all our automation actuators utilise mechanisms with built-in mechanical locking to ensure you have the highest levels of security and reliability.

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