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The Garage Defender

Whether your garage is attached to your house or is in the local neighbourhood – security is essential. Protecting your car or other contents is just as important as protecting everything else in your home, so your garage door should have at least a basic standard of security. Whilst many modern garages doors (including automated garage doors) are more difficult to break into, it is always important to review your current garage security to ensure you are properly protected.

Garage Door Security

Your garage door can be broken into in many ways, so having optimal security measures in place is vital. Older types of garage doors are at a much higher risk of being broken into, as their frames and general build can be easily overcome and their locks can be cut or drilled straight out. This also goes for garage doors that can be pried at the frame with a crowbar or similar, with many burglars gaining entrance into older garage doors within 10 seconds.



Security features for Garage Doors

Modern garage doors tend to come with better security features such as reinforced bars, double locking and anti-snap locks. This prevents intruders from performing simple break-ins, but the older models are still at risk unless their security systems are properly updated. If you are looking for advice on how to reinforce your garage door security, call one of our garage door security experts today on 01793 393503.

The Garage Defender

The garage defender is an excellent security tool that will protect your garage door. The defender unit itself will lock into a solid steel base with a padlock, and prevents the tilt action of the door. This means that your garage door will be protected from people trying to pry it open from the side or bottom. With its own, concealed and armoured padlock, the Garage Defender is designed to give added security to all up and over garage doors.

The Garage Defender is fitted centrally to your garage door and directly in front of where it will lift and open. It is fitted into the ground with additional bolts and if the unit is to be built into tarmac or concrete blocks, then you will require the built-in garage defender unit. The Garage Defender provides remarkable heavy duty security and is perfect for all up and over garage doors.

Security with Garage Door Rescue

If you are looking for that extra security and peace of mind, our security specialists at Garage Door Rescue can install the Garage Defender on your garage door. For more information on our complete security service, or to book a fitting for a Garage Defender, call us today on 01793 393503 and maximise your garage door security.