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Up & Over Garage Doors Explained

Why choose Up & Over Garage Doors

We at Garage Door Rescue have been repairing garage doors around Wiltshire, Bath, Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our highly trained team of local engineers have encountered many difficult garage door problems and fixed them all for the garage door to last.

We also are proud to proud to provide a lifetime guarantee on cables that we repair or install. Our experienced engineers can repair anything from a small home garage door to business garage doors. We have found the most popular type of garage door are up & over garage doors.

There are two types of Up & Over Garage doors. These work very similarly and are both equally as popular in the UK.

Both take up minimal space in your garage as they lay flush to your garage ceiling. They can be electronically controlled for ease when entering or exiting your garage. They are also cheap to purchase and fit with a wide range of doors available to choose from, such as wood and steel.

The effort to operate either the retractable or canopy up and over garage door is low. A simple push up to open until the door sits flush against the roof. Then a gentle pull down to close the up & over garage door.

Canopy Up and Over Garage Doors

Up & over garage door

There’s no need to worry for safety. Most up & over garage doors are fitted with an anti-drop device. This prevents the garage door from dropping and crashing down in the event of a spring or cable failure.

The option to also have 4 locking points on your garage door is available for extra security. The option for the traditional central, singular lock is also available.

Canopy up & over garage doors:

The canopy up & over garage door is opened by unlocking and lifting the door. The door then rolls up vertically and turns to be horizontal. This leaves a ‘canopy’ of a third of the door protruding from the outside of the garage.

There are no tracks inside the garage; only alongside the door, so you don’t have to worry about losing space in your garage to your garage door.

Retractable up & over garage door:

The retractable up & over garage door works almost identically to the canopy up and over. However, it requires horizontal tracks inside of your garage for the door panel to roll onto and back into your garage.

This means no ‘canopy’ is left outside of your garage and gives your garage a tidier, more defined appearance.

Repairing either of the up and over garage door types is a quick and easy process, with a low amount of components for them to work. Our professional and knowledgeable team at Garage Door Rescue have over 20 years repairing up and over garage doors.

We also provide a lifetime guarantee on all of our cable repairs, ensuring a high-quality garage door repair.

Our trained local team can come out on the same day of reporting your problem and quickly identify the issue and have your up and over garage door fully functional and repaired within the day.

Our up and over garage door engineers can repair a whole host of possible garage door issues relating to up and over garage cables, wires, spring, locks, handles, rollers and even spindles.

Open up and over garage door

Open garage door

If you’d like our highly trained engineers to come and identify your garage door issue, please call us today on  01793 393503 and receive same day up & over garage door repair.

This includes a lifetime guarantee on all cable repairs that we complete and a full 12 month guarantee, including parts and labour for any other repairs that take place.