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What Are The Different Types Of Garage Doors?

Different Types Of Garage Doors

Which type of garage door is right for my home? Which garage door will take up minimal space? Which garage door will suit my home aesthetically? These are all the questions that are constantly going through your mind when you’re thinking about buying a garage door. All garage doors may seem to fit the requirements that you’re looking for but each garage door is individual and different qualities inherent to each type of garage door.

Your garage door choice should not be rushed. Your garage door is the largest entrance into your home and should be chosen wisely. Garage Door Rescue has broken down all of the different styles of garage doors to help you make a more informed decision about what kind of a garage door will best suit your specific requirements. If you would like more information on our different types of garage door, please get in touch through our website today.

Up and over garage doors




Up and Over garage doors are the perfect choice for most homeowners as they are attractive, reliable and functional. They are the most recognisable style and does exactly what it suggests; It goes up and over in one fluid motion. It is also one of the easiest garage doors to install.

Garage Door Rescue has either canopy or retractable gearing available. Canopy gearing is when the door runs vertically on the tracks on the side frame and a spring assembly on the top of the frame. When open, the door panel pokes out approximately ⅓ forming a canopy. There are no tracks running back into the garage when the door is closed.

Retractable gearing means that the door panel opens on horizontal tracks which do go back into the garage. This type of gear was designed specifically for use with an electric operator. Both gears, however, do come with an anti-drop safety device.

Up and over garage doors are made from a single sheet of metal and are very light. They do not bend or flex very easily making them good for security purposes and durable in different weather conditions. The up and over garage doors are also very easy to operate and require little effort to manoeuvre.

The benefits of up and over garage doors are that they are generally the cheapest style sue to its simplicity, they are reliable and are weatherproof. There is also a huge choice is design, style, colour and material as well as the choice in the operating mechanism.

Sectional garage doors



Sectional garage doors are some of the best selling garage doors on the market, providing wonderful security advantages for homeowners. The garage door is split into sections which will run on a vertical and then horizontal tracks back into the garage. These doors are popular as they rise vertically and because of this cause no loss of the driveway space in front of the garage. They provide the full opening drive through width which will give extra space for wide vehicles.

A sectional garage door is commonly known for being able to save space and can be operated with a remote or manually. Sectional garage doors are also known for great insulation as they feature weather seals on all garage door sections which help to keep the water in and keep water out.

The advantages of these garage doors provide fantastic security, strength and have impressive insulation qualities. These doors work especially well with short driveways and wide vehicles. Sectional garage doors are very stylish and also well engineered. These doors are also available in very large dimensions for large garages.

Roller garage doors


Roller garage doors are made up of insulated aluminium laths which vertically lift and then roll into a box at the head of the garage door opening. The roller garage door is perfect for homeowners who want to retain their ceiling area. The roller garage door is the only spring assisted roller door on the market. The spring on the roller garage door helps to reduce the strain placed on the electric motor which will ensure it has a longer service life and is easier to operate by hand. The door is made with rust-resistant aluminium which makes the roller garage door the preferred option for homeowners who live by the coast.

The benefits to these garage doors are that they open vertically allowing more room for wide vehicles. They provide your home with easy installation and have strong security properties. They can be used for manual or automated door and they are space saving and are perfect for small or obstructed garages.

Automatic garage doors



Automated garage doors are usually operable with a remote control which is extremely convenient and are great for security purposes against burglars trying to force themselves into your home.  For, added security the remotes allows the door to automatically close after you have left.

Automated garage doors are known for their durability meaning they will remain fully functional for many years to come, making them a wonderful investment. They do not require as much maintenance as regular garage doors, as they don’t strain. Automated garage doors are also great time savers, you can just sit back, relax and control everything from the comfort of your car.

Why Garage Door Rescue?

Garage Door Rescue has been installing and repairing all kinds of garage doors for over 20 years. Garage Door Rescue is a family run business and has talented engineers who can help you to install or repair your garage door until you are satisfied. We like to make sure that our customers receive the service they deserve. If you would like more information on our selection of Garage Doors please call 01793393503 to speak to an engineer today.