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What Are The Most common Garage Door Problems?

Common Garage Door Problems and their solutions.

Garage Door Problems

A few garage door repairs throughout the year to maintain your garage can go a very long way. We use of garage doors on a daily basis to leave and enter our homes which means maintenance and repairs are common. Keeping on top of your garage door maintenance will keep costs down in the long run and make the garage a lot more of a safe environment for your family, friends and pets. The sooner you identify these problems the less damage and cost will be involved.

We must recommend that you always ring experienced technicians to fix these problems as you could hurt yourself. There is no problem that Garage Door Rescue can’t fix and we are here to ensure you have solutions to your problems and are safe. Garage Door Rescue has uncovered all of your most common garage door problems to provide you with some quick fire solutions to help you! If you have any questions on our garage door repairs please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


“My Garage Door Remote Doesn’t Work.”

There could be a very simple solution which is that you are standing too close to the door for the sensor to pick up what the remote would like it to do. If this is not the issue you could try replacing the battery if you make a habit of changing these every so often you should not have the problem of it not working when you least expect it. You could also reprogram the remote. How to do this will be different for each remote but the instructions will be found in the remote manual. You should also check that there isn’t an object blocking the sensor if this is the case the solution is very simple and easy to fix!


“My Garage Door Is Too Noisy.”

A noisy garage can be a huge problem especially if the noise is disrupting the neighbours or other family members in your home. While the noise can be extremely annoying it could indicate a bigger problem which will need to be addressed.

The good news is that this problem could have an affordable solution. The tracks on your garage door may simply need to be greased. You can easily do this by picking up lubricant from your local hardware shop. There could be a worse problem which will need to be fixed by a professional such as an issue with your springs. These will have to be replaced which is affordable and can be fixed in quick time.


“My Garage Door Falls When It Is Released.”

If your garage door falls once it is released this could be due to worn extension springs. If the garage door opens on its own this could mean that the extension springs are too strong and should be replaced. You should also make sure that you check the metal rollers, hinges and make sure that your garage door doesn’t stick when it is opening or closing. If they do stick you could add some lubricant or the rollers could simply just be dirty.


“My Garage Door Does Not Open In The Winter.”

The cold harsh Winter months can cause your garage door to not open very well. This could be down to a few issues. The cold Winter weather could be causing the rollers to become stiff and unable to work, this can be adjusted with lubrication. If this is not this issue you could take a look at the motor and adjust the sensitivity. Once you have located it move the dial slowly to see if this gives you a better response when trying to open your garage door.


“My Garage Door Doesn’t Seal To The Bottom. ”

If your garage door opens correctly but does fail to close completely, there may be one of three issues. You may need to adjust your close limit switch. The close limit switch will instruct the motor when to switch running; both when it is opening and closing. If the close limit switch is set wrong it may prevent the door from closing fully. The close limit switch is a feature which will stop your garage door from behaving erratically and dangerously.

The safety sensors could need realignment. Near the bottom of the door on both sides are electronic eyes that need a clear view between them to work. If there is anything blocking this view the door will not close fully. Make sure there is nothing blocking the eyes. If this keeps happening the brackets could be loose causing the sensors to move with the vibrations of the moving door.

Lastly damaged rollers can cause the door to attach to the tracks. Regular maintenance to your door and your tacks can prevent this from happening.


“I Have Cracked Weather Sealant On My Garage Door.”

Weather sealant will keep out water and noise from your garage. If your sealant is broken or you notice any unwanted cracks, you may want to replace the sealant. Remove the old sealant and simply replace it with the new one. You can buy weather sealant from your local hardware shop such as B&Q.

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Garage Door Rescue Solutions

When it comes to broken or damaged parts of your garage door it is very handy to know the potential reason why and some quick tips and tricks to fix these issues. However, it is very important to remember that there are people out there who can help. Garage Door Rescue provides repairs and maintenance for all types of garage doors and also has a huge supply or spare garage door parts to repair almost any issue. If you would like some help or would like to discuss your garage door problems please contact Garage Door Rescue on 01793 393 503.