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What is the Best Garage Door for Security?

Garage security is important for a number of reasons. It’s very likely that you keep valuable items such as your car, motorbike, cycles and more inside. You may use the room as an extension to your home with a home gym, games room or such. It could even be that your garage is attached to your house with your home being accessible from the garage. Even if you don’t keep expensive items in your garage, or use your garage for anything other than storage, you may still be wondering “how can I make my garage door more secure?”

The Different Types of Door? 

Let’s start with looking at the most secure type of garage door. With many options available, security may be your deciding factor when it comes to choosing your new garage door. So, what is the most secure garage door? 

  • Up and over doors – manual and automated
  • Roller doors
  • Wirelessly operated doors

Whichever you choose, all today’s garage doors are designed with security in mind so even the most basic of garage doors feature locks that are far more secure than the common bolt lock. From manually operated doors which incorporate multi point locking to wireless systems which can identify an unlocked garage door from a smart phone, there are many design features that make the modern garage door a far more secure option than older models. 

We don’t like to advocate for any specific type of garage door as we consider them all to be extremely secure. To be honest, we wouldn’t fit a garage door that wasn’t secure, no matter what you use your garage for. Of course, there are various levels of door to consider depending on the technology involved, the quality of the material used etc. It’s like everything – there is something to suit all budgets but all of them are designed to keep out intruders and keep your items safe. 

It’s important to have a secure garage door for a number of reasons. Not least to keep out intruders but if the unthinkable did happen and your garage door was breached, your insurance company would be looking at the standard of your door. You are far less likely to be paid out on your claim if you have an old garage door in need of repair. 

How Can I Secure my Garage Door? 

So if you’re now asking, how can I make my garage door more secure then let’s start with looking at the door you currently have .

  • Is the door in need of repair?
  • Does it shut properly?
  • Does it lock properly?
  • Is it too old to repair? 
  • Is the quality of the door worthy of the contents of the garage?
  • Is it time for an upgrade?

In the first instance, you could have your garage inspected to see if it is secure and if there are any weaknesses that are vulnerable to potential threats. There may be a simple repair that will make your garage door more secure. We can help with this. Just give us a call to arrange an inspection on 01793 393503.

If your garage door is a good few years old and you think its time for an upgrade then we can also assist. We would be happy to advise you of your options, inspect your current garage, quote for repairs or a new door. 

When it comes to garage door security, you can count on us!