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At Garage Door Rescue, we have over 20 years experience assessing and repairing a variety of garage doors. Our highly-qualified engineers are experienced in repairing the many types of garage doors. This ensures that your garage, home and family are safe from intruders and you can easily access your home. We are so confident that our garage door repairs will please you and provide you with many years of usage, that we give a lifetime guarantee on all cables that we install to repair the broken one. If your cable does require repairing, we provide a free cable replacement service for 30 years in the towns and villages surrounding Swindon. This is alongside our 12 months guarantee (including parts and labour) for any other garage door repairs, such as lock repairs.

Garage Door Repairs on All Types!

Our garage door engineers are trained to fix a wide range of garage doors. Here is the 3 major types that we repair:

  1. Automatic Garage Doors – An automatic garage door removes the hassle of getting in and out of your car multiple times when arriving home. Our automatic garage door service includes repairing or replacing the cables, wires, spring, locks, handles, rollers and spindles, plus checking the sensor light that detects your car.
  2. Up and Over Garage Doors – Whether you have a canopy up and over garage door or a retractable up and over garage door, we can repair it. A dysfunctional garage door can be dangerous. Getting it repaired quickly is important, which is why we offer same day garage door repairs.
  3. Roller Garage Doors – The space saving Roller Garage doors can be useful if you are short on space. However they become impracticable if the roller, cable or other parts break. These are similar to Sectional Garage Doors which use 4 to 6 panels to fold up nicely to the roof section. We provide replacement cables, wires, springs, handles, rollers, locks and spindles for both roller garage doors and sectional garage doors.

Fast and Reliable Garage Door Repairs

Roller Garage Door

Reasons That Your Garage Door May Not Work

  • No electricity?
    • It may sound silly but it is easy to forget that your electric garage door requires power, may it be from a battery or a connection to your home mains. It can be dangerous to attempt to fix this yourself. However, we are fully equipped to find the issue and repair it for you the same day.
  • Any obstructions?
    • Whether you have your garage piled high with tools or a pebbled driveway, the smallest obstruction can stop your garage door from opening or closing properly. You must ensure that the swing space is clear. This includes moving any blocking objects items and the mechanism has no objects leaning on it. This will affect it’s performance.
  • Correctly lubricated tracks and rollers?
    • Similarly to a bike or an engine, your garage door require lubricating to ensure that it smoothly opens and closes. We recommend using a lubricant designed for cycle chains. This will lower the chance of grit amalgamating in the tracks/roller and clogging up the mechanics. Wiping the tracks and rollers with an old cloth will remove some of the grit but can be dangerous due to sharp edges.

Local Garage door repairs

Garage Door repairs

With our head office being based in Swindon and teams of our highly trained engineers covering Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Bath plus other surrounding areas, we are always available to repair your garage door for free the same day. Contact us today to speak to your local garage door engineer and benefit from our same day garage door repair service to get your garage door working again.